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The sack race: Mourinho most likely next manager to be sacked

Just when we thought he had the backing of the players and was managing to steer clear of his ‘third season syndrome‘ at United, Jose has managed to self-destruct, fight with his players and increase his odds of being the next manager to be sacked.

The problem with Paul

Mourinho once again made all the headlines this week after a training ground confrontation with Paul Pogba was captured on camera and reported by Sky Sports.

The footage showed Pogba turning up to training in good spirits only to be instantly batted down by Mourinho upon greeting him.

Mourinho was heard to be telling Pogba to ‘go home’. The look Pogba gave Mourinho told us what he thought of that, as he confronted the boss as if to say suggest he was talking nonsense.

The United manager later called over one of his staff and could be heard to be asking him to ‘take Paul home’. Clearly Pogba had upset Mourinho, who didn’t want him around him for even a second.

Pogba’s Instagram frolicking

The spat reportedly came about after Mourinho took offence to a video clip Pogba had posted to his Instagram account while sat in the stands watching his teammates lose to Derby in the Carabao Cup the previous evening.

BT Sport cameras picked up Mourinho asking a member of his back room staff when Pogba had posted the video.

The video showed Pogba laughing and joking about with mates, clearly not fussed about the prospect of his team crashing out at the first stage of the Carabao Cup.

Mourinho clearly saw this as a sign of disrespect, so felt the need to punish Pogba the very next morning and banish him from training.

Pogba starts and United lose to West Ham

After the training ground spat, many might have expected Mourinho to drop Pogba to the bench for their Premier League tie against West Ham.

Surprisingly, Pogba kept his starting place in midfield, but went on to have a terrible game, the midweek fiasco perhaps taking its toll on the player.

With United trailing by two, Mourinho pulled the midfielder off after 70 minutes to a mixed reaction from the fans. Perhaps the plan all along was to shame Pogba in front of his own fans?

United suffered a heavy defeat to a West Ham side who had suffered 4 defeats and only notched one win in their opening six Premier League games.

Once again the headlines will be asking the question about Jose’s time at United.  Could Mourinho be the next manager to be sacked?

The bookies latest odds on who will be the next manager to be sacked in the Premier League reflect the lousy week United have had, with Mourinho now the clear favourite to be the next to go.

Has Pellegrini saved his own skin?

Former second-favourite for the sack, Manuel Pellegrini, has massively increased his odds with a string of impressive results at West Ham.

Battling it out for a draw against high-flyers Chelsea, followed by a whopping 8-0 Carabao Cup victory against Macclesfield, and this weekends trouncing of Man United, has seen Pellegrini’s odds rise from 6/1 to 25/1 in just over a week.

Patience with Warnock fades

Despite a string off loses with Cardiff, the bookies were keeping faith with manager Neil Warnock. However, after a disappointing loss to Burnley on Sunday, in what fans would have expected to be a game they should have won, Warnock is now the bookies second favourite to get the chop.

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